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Please enter the color you would like to order.
Please enter the color you would like to order.
Please enter what you would like embroidered. Enter "None" if you don't want any lettering.
Please enter the font that you would like. If you want the font on the pink bag, please make sure that you chose "Pink Bag Font" in the list below.
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You will love these little beautifully quilted or non-quilted purses to use for quick trips to the store, change, medicine, makeup, electronic cords, or whatever your heart’s desire.  You can order them without any customization or personalize your purse with a monogram, your initials, or your name.  What a wonderful gift for your mom, daughter, girlfriend, bridal gift or anyone that you feel can use this cute little purse. 

Below are pictures of the various options to include with your order.

Available Fabric:  Magnolia Broadcloth

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African Designs:

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Available Embroidery Letters

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Available Fabric:  Sassy Satin

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